Thursday, June 26, 2014

Republican Unity

A few weeks ago, I vowed to attend the Republican unity event regardless of the results in my race. Certainly, I think it's important to mend fences and stand together. Otherwise, it gives the Democrats more opportunity to expand their stronghold on this state. I have spent the last fifteen years working in public safety. Thus, I can sense tension in a room. For the most part, people said and did the right things. By and large though, it's obvious that many people in that room simply don't like one another. In fact, one minor skirmish almost took place between a Delegate's husband against another incumbent Delegate.

State Republican Chairwoman Diana Waterman and Delegate Nic Kipke tried to fire up the crowd. Meanwhile many folks, including Larry Hogan, kept carrying on loud conversations in the back of the room. Long short, I sensed no real energy in the Columbian Center tonight. In fairness though, the introduction of Laura Neuman and her embrace of Steve Schuh drew a thunderous standing ovation. Beyond that, I didn't get the vibes I hoped to get out of this event.

In the interest of full disclosure, I voted for David Craig in the Republican primary. I now stand firmly behind Larry Hogan. I even took a "Change Maryland" bumper sticker for my car. Keep in mind, I am not one that plasters my car with political propaganda. Still, I think electing Anthony Brown as Governor would prove disastrous for this state. After eight years of Martin O'Malley and his incessant tax/fee hikes, I imagine a lot of Marylanders would consider an alternative. To this day, Brown has remained an unapologetic shill for his boss and their costly tenure.

Judging by the enthusiasm, or lack thereof, in the room tonight, Larry Hogan faces virtually impossible odds. After all, if he cannot electrify a crowd of Republicans, how in the world will he spread positive momentum in the direction of unaffiliated and conservative Democratic voters? I want to change Maryland, but I am not convinced my fellow Republicans share the same thought.

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  1. Never fear Jerry, like all else that ails it and holds it back, the party leadership will ignore this also.