Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Will Daryl Jones return to his old seat?

Well, it looks like District 1 residents might not have to wait much longer for a Councilperson. Moreover, it’s a name most Anne Arundel County residents already know quite well. And, the winner of this prolonged battle goes by the name of Daryl Jones. No, someone with the same name as the imprisoned former Councilmen hasn’t convinced four of the current members to vote for his candidacy. Rather, it looks the man who won re-election in 2010 may return to this seat.

Tomorrow, a judge will hear an appeal on behalf of Jones that challenges his removal from the Council. Keep in mind, the justification for his ouster hinged on his inability to represent his constituents while in a federal prison. Nonetheless, since his former colleagues cannot break their 3-3 tie, it’s unlikely the county can successfully defend the decision to remove him.

If the court sides with Jones, it would nullify the 6-0 vote in favor of expulsion. In turn, Jones would reclaim the seat he held until this past January. Sources tell me that the current Council realizes they will likely lose this court battle. Still, it hasn’t spawned any progress towards their impasse.

Meanwhile, the Council next meets on March 19th. They plan to take another vote on this matter on that date. Granted, that could change depending on the decision of the judge

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