Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Plenty Thanks To Go Around

On the third Thursday in November, many pause and reflect on all of life's pleasures that bring them joy. Often, people will reminisce about the past and wonder what Uncle Joe or Aunt Sue would say if they still roamed this earth. To me, Thanksgiving provides us with an opportunity to thank God for the things we should really appreciate all year long.

First and foremost, I am glad my wonderful parents, Walt and Pat Shandrowsky, insisted that I finish college immediately after high school. At the time, they required that I attend a public institution within reasonable driving distance from their home. Turns out, I met this beautiful girl Amy during my last semester at University of Baltimore. Fours year later, I would marry this young lady. Fast forward to 2011, we have the joy of our lives in little Alexis. Her presence alone makes me realize the truly important things in life.

Besides my parents, my grandfather and grandmother live literally through the woods from my house. Though Pop cannot hear or walk very well and grandmom struggles with periodic setbacks, I am fortunate that I can see them virtually everyday. My current house sat on the market for almost one year before Amy and I stumbled upon it. Nowadays, I cannot envision living anywhere else.

Next, I am grateful for my relative good health. Likewise, my wife and daughter enjoy the same. Sure, my back screams at me from time to time. Still, that's relatively minor compared to other ailments that some deal with on a daily basis.

Finally, I am grateful to have a job that has no correlation to the United States economy. Lord knows I complain about it from time to time. Of course, who doesn't moan about their employer from time to time? At the end of the day, I know I have found the career that will forever define me.

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Be safe, eat well and Go Ravens!!!

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