Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Proposal Worthy Of Opposition

In Pasadena, when one starts talking about rezoning, everyone automatically voices their opinion on the Brumwell property. Meanwhile, a developer has quietly tried to convince the council to amend 26 acres off Long Hill Rd. Specifically, he wanted the county to approve his request to build as many as 300 homes in the already congested area.

Obviously, proposing any more building along the Mountain Rd corridor should halt like a car traveling this highway during rush hour. Most important, this area lacks the infrastructure to accommodate more housing. For starters, virtually no one denies that Mountain Rd produces daily traffic nightmares. Also, it will worsen once people occupy the 74 units under construction near Freetown Rd. Plus, a plan already exists that allows for a 400 home subdivision along Jumpers Hole Rd.

Besides traffic, these projects put a drain on county resources. Sure, developers pay a nominal impact fee. Still, residents of these newly formed neighborhoods will continually need their trash picked up and police to show up in a timely manner if called upon. In other words, these citizens will demand government services long after the disappearance of the impact fees. Admittedly, it does mean more tax revenue. Nonetheless, the county struggles to balance the budget to meet the needs of its current inhabitants. At best, the influx of cash flow will merely offset the costs associated with the new neighborhoods.

Luckily, County Executive John Leopold has promised to veto any zoning change along Mountain Rd. Therefore, the developer will need 5 of 6 councilmen to override Leopold. The 7th, Derek Fink, has recused himself from voting due to his business relationship with the person seeking the zoning change. Regardless, residents along Mountain Rd need to keep fighting until the last Councilman casts his vote.

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