Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reject Rezoning

Recently, someone referred to me as one the main spokespersons against the rezoning of the Brumwell property. Make no mistake, I want no such role and can’t believe some have put so much focus on what comes out of my mouth. Bottom line, I am simply a concerned citizen with serious reservations about the potential impact of development at the Pasadena site.

First of all, I have no ill will toward the Brumwell family. I respect their desire to maximize the profit off the sale of the land. Granted, since I am not in their shoes, I get to look at the broader picture. Face it, the Mountain Road corridor already faces daily traffic nightmares. Depending on who one should believe, it’s projected a big box store would bring thousands of additional cars a day.

Now some have said that impact fees generated from allowing development of the Brumwell property could help alleviate the traffic concerns. To me, that sounds like subtraction by addition. In other words, that assertion makes no sense whatsoever. Moreover, we’ve already witnessed the fallacy of relying on the promise of these aforementioned fees. For instance, the development of Compass Point came with a promise that Ft. Smallwood Rd would connect with MD-100. Clearly, that’s next to impossible now.

Besides the traffic problems, future development would also affect other parts of our infrastructure. Recall, the electricity routinely goes out during most storms in the Pasadena area. Thus, I cannot fathom adding something that would demand a substantial amount of electricity from an already stressed grid.

For the record, I also oppose a condominium project at the site. Unfortunately, some have falsely duped others into believing that if we reject a zoning upgrade, then we’ll automatically see a large housing project. Regardless of how many times certain people repeat this statement, the fact remains that the county would have approve such a venture. In turn, they’re unlikely to deny a big box store and then do an about-face by allowing an even more unpopular residential plan.

In the end, the County Council must reject any attempt to develop the Brumwell property. Certainly, the impact could further exacerbate already out of control problems.

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