Sunday, October 23, 2011

No Conflict Here

With a vote on the forthcoming about the potential rezoning of the Brumwell property, Councilman Derek Fink asked the county Board of Ethics to determine if he has a conflict of interest in this matter. While Mr. Fink doesn’t believe he faces an ethical dilemma, Bonnie Brumwell Hoyas thinks otherwise. Regardless, the councilman intends to make the ruling public once he receives it in hand. Certainly, this move may not silence some Fink critics, even though I believe he has every right to weigh-in on this matter.

First of all, we elected Derek Fink to represent us in the council. Therefore, it’s important we give him the full authority to do so. Now, just because Fink has a financial interest in the neighboring property, that factor alone shouldn’t render him helpless when it comes to voting on this hot button issue. Really, I can’t follow the logic of those that take a differing view. After all, using their thought process, Mr. Fink would have to recues himself from just about any decision that affects District 3. In other words, his partnership in the Greene Turtle has no correlation with his ability to make legislative decisions.

Once again, the Brumwells apparently want those that disagree with them to have no say about the future of this property. After all, they approached the Council about over-ruling the Department of Planning and Zoning. Now, they want to disqualify the only guy who has direct accountability to the residents affected by this proposal.

For the record, Councilman Fink has not indicated to me his ultimate intentions concerning this decision. Granted, I have a gut feeling about his leanings. Likewise, it’s obvious that the Brumwells don’t have much faith in him embracing their controversial plan for the Mountain Road property. Otherwise, they would not go out of their way to exclude him from this process.

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