Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Problems At Pasadena Post Office

Back in June, an article appeared in the Maryland Gazette highlighting some startling allegations from employees of the Pasadena Post Office. At the time, an internal post office investigation revealed that 90% of their total workforce said they witnessed some form of workplace harassment. Likewise, complaints filed with the Post Office Equal Employment Opportunity Office showed that some felt the local postmaster, Launda Griffin, showed preferential treatment towards African American employees and retaliates against those who file complaints.

Apparently, not much has changed at the Mountain Rd establishment. Ms. Griffin still retains her position. In the same way, some employees feel they remain in a hostile work environment. Now, the Post Office has threatened to transfer any employee who talks about the problems to their customers or the media. According to my sources, they recently held a meeting demanding silence about the issues that continue to ail the Post Office.

Really, I see one common denominator that keeps this controversy alive. Instead of promising a massive transfer of dissatisfied employees, the regional office should consider a change in management. Even if Ms. Griffin and her staff have attempted to mend past wounds, it's obviously not resonating with the line staff.

In the past, a spokeswoman for the Baltimore regional office defended Griffin as an "excellent manager." Well, part of leadership involves motivating people to ensure the maximum amount of productivity. Clearly, most of the 37 or so employees dread going to work each day. Therefore, it's time for the Post Office to consider the most practical change to ensure their customers continue to receive the best possible service.


  1. I work for the Columbia post office, which she transferred to last year. She has not changed at all, maybe she is worse now. She knows nothing will be done to her

  2. Probably one of the rudest person I have ever encountered. I couldnt imagine working with her. I was standing in the lobby waiting to send a package and you could hear her on the loud speaker berating her employee's with what sounded like ebonics. Who would ever put a person like that in charge of such an important operation. I even walked up to one of the doors that was wide open and started walking in where the employees were unknowingly. Wow is all I have to say. Good luck to the employees their. I will never go to that post office again.