Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Minimum Wage increase while unemployment hovers around 10%

So it seems that there is a going to be a push by Progressive MD to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour. I can tell you of 1 job that will not exist if this happens. You see I own a small locksmith company and have recently hired a 19 year old young man to become an apprentice. I pay him less than $10 an hour and to be honest with you he isn't worth what I am paying him. Now I do not say this to be mean hearted or rude but I am paying him to learn. For the most part he gets to ride along and watch. As time progresses I will begin to let him start doing some of the work with close supervision until I am sure that he is competent enough that I would let him work on my locks on my house. This will take about a year of me paying him a little less than $10 an hour or with taxes, uniforms, unemployment insurance and salary it will cost me about $20,ooo to teach someone. Who by the way once he can do it proficiently will expect a raise to probably somewhere close to $15 an hour. Now I am not crying or complaining about having to do this because it ensures me that I get the kind of technician I want representing my company. My complaint is that coming up with some arbitrary minimum wage number and making everyone comply can hardly make it worth for skilled trades to hire and train apprentices without inflating our cost to our customers in order to pay someone a higher than deserved salary. I feel that if we are going to make a minimum wage than maybe we should make it $20 an hour in order to make it easier to get by for people. I know that $20 an hour sounds preposterous but if you really think about it the idea that government is going to decide your contract between you and your employer sounds equally as preposterous.

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