Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mike Busch changes the rules?

So it seems Mike Busch has decided to change the way the county delegations are decided. While Dems. controlled AA county the rule was if a district encompassed more than 1 county those delegates got only a single vote for the entire district while delegates in districts that are solely in AA county each got a vote. Now that it is Rep. controlled it seems that Busch is beginning some retribution upon (R) members of the AA delegation by moving office assignments in order to punish some delegates. See in MD it is one set of rules as long as it works to the ruling classes advantage but as soon as it doesn't it is time to change them. While it should not be of great surprise to anyone who has payed attention to the way things are done in Annapolis it does help solidify the argument given by some friends who have already fled MD for less hostile states.

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