Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anne Arundel Delegation

On the eve of the 2011 Maryland Legislative Session, the Anne Arundel County Delegation unanimously selected Bob Costa as chairman and Don Dwyer as vice-chair. While I am glad the Democrats didn't change the rules after seeing the results of the election, I am wondering why Republicans apparently fumbled their first snap.

For the record, I applaud the choice of Bob Costa. I've met him on many occasions and view him as an affable and straight-forward guy. I often wonder why he chose politics. After all, very few of his colleagues possess the candidness and honesty that epitomize Costa.

Don Dwyer, on the other hand, often engages in petty battles that have little, if any, effect on the daily lives of his constituents. For instance, Dwyer preoccupies himself with gay marriage. While I agree with his sentiments on this issue, I really feel there's more pressing concerns facing the community.

Also, Dwyer favors a confrontational style that ultimately renders him ineffective as a legislator. Of course, Dwyer then blames his membership in the minority party as the reason why he cannot pass meaningful legislation. Meanwhile, party affiliation doesn't hamper Bob Costa in neighboring District 33.

Over the last few election cycles, Republicans have positioned themselves nicely in Anne Arundel County. And, their efforts have helped them seize control of the local delegation. Therefore, I am curious why they've risked alienating people by elevating a controversial character like Dwyer such a visible position.

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