Monday, January 17, 2011

10 Years For Murder in Anne Arundel

If anyone reads the daily police briefs, it's no secret that Anne Arundel County has seen a rash of serious crimes. To their credit, Police Detectives often identify and arrest these perpetrators. After that, we rely on Prosecutors to aggressively pursue the charges and a bench willing to dish out lengthy punishments to those deemed guilty.

Last week, a Maryland City resident entered an Alford Plea, thus conceding the state had enough evidence to convict her of a December 2009 fatal stabbing of a man that supposedly owed her drug money. For her heinous crime, this criminal received an unimpressive ten year sentence. After she earns her inevitable good conduct credits, it's likely this person will roam the streets again sometime in the near future.

I would to hear an explanation from Judge William Mulford, a Bob Ehrlich appointee and former criminal defense attorney. After all, even if Prosecutors and the Defense agree to a plea bargain, a judge does not have to bless their agreement. In fact, s/he must determine if the agreed upon punishment fits the scope of the crime. In this case, Judge Mulford has failed the citizens of Anne Arundel County.

Make no mistake, I plan to hold the bench responsible for their decisions. Sadly, Anne Arundel County has too many lenient judges among their ranks. Luckily, they must face the voters every fifteen years. It's time to send some packing.

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